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What class of mail will you be mailing? Presorted First Class Mail
Presort Standard
Straigh First Class
Don't Know
What is your mailing area? Nationwide
All of California
Southern California
Mostly Orange County
Mostly Los Angeles County
Mostly Riverside County
Mostly San Bernardino County
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What type of piece will you be mailing? Folded Self Mailer (8½ x 5½)
Self Mailer (8½ x 11)
#10 Envelope
9 x 12 Envelope
Postcard (6 x 4)
Card (8½ x 5½)
Please give information about mail piece, such as number of inserts etc...
Do you have your own postal permit? If so, please list permit number and what post office the permit is held. Also note if the permit is Non-Profit.
Will material come folded? Yes
If folded piece, how does it open? From the top
From the bottom
From the right side
From the left side
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